Monday, 30 June 2014

First Day At Work

Sydney-Boy: Do you start your new job today??

Little-Miss-Whats-For-Lunch: Good luck on your first day Jules! All the best!! Lunch sometime this week when you are settled!

Grumpy: How is your 1st day?

My 'new' ex-boss: Hows it going?

Dopey's-Better-Half: How's your first day at work so far?

Mum: Girl how are you? Liking your new place?

Little-Miss-Drink-A-Lot: First day of work? How's it going?

All the Whatsapp and text messages that were coming through today on my first day at work. I realise how blessed and lucky I am, to be surrounded by all these people who care about me.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Huge Relief x2

We are finally back in Melbourne again after spending three weeks in Malaysia for holidays. Overall, I had an enjoyable holiday. Even though it was three weeks, which seems like a long time, it still felt a bit rushed. We caught up with family and friends, which was a lot of fun.

I go back to work on Monday, which I am not looking forward to… BOO!!

A quick update on my work situation, I have secured a new role within the same bank, but its a completely different role! Its in Group Risk - which is so different from the past 6 years of my working life working in projects. I start right at the bottom, but I am prepared for this change. I received a phone call late on Tuesday evening to say I got the job, and was leaving for KL on Thursday morning. It was such a hugeeee relief… I wanted nothing else before my holidays, but to know that when I come back, I will have a job!

But back to my holidays, we did a short getaway in Penang. Penang is such a beautiful place. Clean and so well maintained! And after that we spent most of our time staying with my parents or Grumpy's parents. Little Bambi enjoyed being surrounded by her grandparents and the rest of the family.

I will have to say, when we landed back in Melbourne yesterday, I was thanking my lucky stars that Little Bambi was able to enjoy her holidays without any peanut allergy dramas! It truly was a huge relief! We found that some of the popular brands of cooking oil in Malaysia were a mixture of palm oil and peanut oil. A BIG NO-NO for Little Bambi. We were constantly asking restaurant staff, if their food contained peanut oil or peanuts, and most of them replied "NO NO! NO PEANUT!" so fast and confident that I just did not trust them. It felt like they did not even take the time to consider the ingredients in the food, etc..

We celebrated Little Bambi's second birthday in KL. We hosted a party for about 60 family members at a chinese restaurant. Party was a huge success.

Grumpy and I did our first getaway on our own without Little Bambi, but just for one night in KL city. We stayed at Traders Hotel in KL, which was a very nice hotel - and most importantly, the location was just perfect for us. My family members kept teasing us that we were on a honeymoon, haha, but just for one night! It was very good for the soul - nice to be able for Grumpy and myself to be alone and  enjoy each others company without any interruption.

Anyways, more photos to come, but here's one of Little Bambi and I in Penang.

 photo IMG_3624_zps276453b6.jpg
Kiss Cam!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Cheer Myself Up

It has been ages since my last post.

This will be a quick one. What's happened so far? TOO MUCH!

In a nut shell, I am pretty much out of a job… My role has been made redundant. There is no pay out, because they expect us to find another job within the bank. I found another job outside, but had to turn it down. For reasons unknown… and I still can't stop shitting myself for doing that. I know I know, one should not live a life of regrets, 'should have' 'could have' 'would have'..

I am feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. All sorts of things are running through my head. The project that I am working on, is coming to an end. And the big Go-Live weekend is happening next weekend. As much as I want to give it my best, after all, I have been working in this project for a long time… On the other hand, getting treated like crap by the company, its like HEY Thanks for all your hard work, now GET LOST! All I have to say to them, despite all the motivational talk on gearing up for this Go-Live, is GO FUCK YOURSELF!

We are due for a family holiday in Malaysia at the end of the month, for three weeks. We are all looking forward to it. As much as I want to enjoy myself, on the back of my mind, not having a role when I return… is pretty shitty.

Anyways, hope you all had a lovely weekend. Grumpy and I just went to the movies and we watched Bad Neighbours, in La Premiere! We had free tickets, and yes it was two hours of my life I will never get back. In La Premiere! Haha Dopey was kind enough to babysit our Little Bambi. He is very good with her, I will give him that.

Now, here's a song to cheer myself up!

Monday, 24 February 2014


If there is one thing Grumpy and I do badly, it has to be sticking to the allocated budget.

But then again, I think about my job now, working in projects, and how a project manager never delivers a project on budget and on time, and also, never delivering on what that was asked for.. Well, clearly we both make excellent project managers!

First, we set out to buy a car within a budget of $50,000. Well, it did not happen. Instead we spent an extra $20,000 on top of what we were meant to.

In terms of timing, we did set out to buy a car before my parents arrive next month. We have a planned road trip to Adelaide in April, and after our previous trip to Loch Sport during the Christmas break with Grumpy's parents in the Audi A3, and me squashed in the car with my knees up to my chest for the 4 hour drive, we said we definitely need a bigger car for this 10 hour drive (one way)! So, the project manager in us did meet the timeline of the project. Unfortunately again, at a cost of an overblown budget.

And finally, we started out our car search for a station wagon. We were tossing between the Audi A4 Avant wagon, and the VW Passat wagon. And what did we buy? Something that is NOT a station wagon!

So what did we get? A shiny BMW X3… that is a bit posh, and I think we will be the only BMW owner on the very humble street that we live in… my, my… what will my neighbours think?

After we bought this new ride, Grumpy drove Little Bambi and home, screaming YOLO!!!! Yes my friends, we have lost the plot.

Here are some photos of my weekend after the disastrous splurge on a new car.

 photo 26022B07_zps90115737.jpg
Little Bambi with her favourite uncle and aunty
 photo 4D154F90_zps31b90845.jpg
While Little Bambi was on the swing with her uncle, her parents were on the see-saw
 photo A78B4D0B_zps83089994.jpg
See-saw fun
 photo A3C1F95D_zps3c158ef9.jpg
We spend most of our weekends in parks
 photo 3269FBE5_zps2f6cd28c.jpg
Dinner in the city with friends on White Night - my gorgeous girl
Good night!
Jules, the project manager

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I called in sick at work today. For a variety of reasons.

Firstly, Little Bambi woke up numerous times last night, for reasons unknown. I picked her up from the cot, cuddled her, and asked if she wanted some music as she usually sleeps to Baby Einstein. She replied "Gabba gabba". We also have Yo Gabba Gabba on her iPod, which she loves. But no, I was not going to play Yo Gabba Gabba at 2.45 in the morning.

My health - I had a bit of a red eye yesterday, and my back. My back is killing me. Two knots on my back and it is so sore!

And finally, I am just OVER work at the moment. I think I need a change. The mummy in me is saying No, Jules! Only because I have the flexibility of working from home and the ability to finish work early each day. But it does not give me the sense of achievement or satisfaction. Others could say, work harder then… yes I guess so...

Oh well, life goes on.

 photo 0443E616_zpsa1a8768e.jpg
Little Bambi & I at the beach

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Loverly Time

This weekend has been such a fulfilling one, on so many levels! Relaxing - Check, Friends - Check, Family - Check, Good Food - Check, Little Bambi loverly time - Check check check!

The weekend before, I had to work the entire Sunday, which was my 3rd Dress Rehearsal. Grumpy had Little Bambi all to himself that day, and I swear, all he did was watch TV with her and feed her chips and Doritos.

This weekend was completely different, of course. Friday I worked from home, but there was hardly anything on at work, apart from one conference call in the morning. By 11.30am, I had already logged off and was off to the gym. Then I grabbed a massive takeaway briyani lunch at a local Sri Lankan restaurant. I also stopped by DFO to do a bit of shopping. I decided I needed some new Lululemon goodies to improve my running (As if!). Then it was back home, eating my lunch in front of the Kardashians. I am so behind on KUWTK (due to Grumpy's dad hogging our Foxtel the past couple of weeks). Then the rest of the afternoon I cooked Little Bambi vegetable spaghetti, and prepared Nasi Lemak for Grumpy and myself. Our version of a Valentine's Day low-key dinner. Hehe.. At 4.30pm, I picked Little Bambi up from child care and we were off to meet some friends at our local park.

 photo C594ED2D_zps40f1fbaf.jpg
Little Bambi with Little G (his mum and I work together) and Little C (from Mothers Group)
Saturday morning we had an Asian breakfast with Mr Happy and his wife (whom we bumped into by chance). Then we bumped into more friends at the Asian markets, before we dropped Grumpy off to work. Yes, he is working Saturdays again, after-effects of overspending while his parents were here.

I cooked Little Bambi a nice Spanish omelette for lunch, which she did not seem to like. Great! Then we went to our local library to borrow some Wiggles CDs and Baby Einsteins CDs, and we borrowed every Spot book we could.. spot. Then we came home and both took an afternoon nap. We had to pick Grumpy up from work and then we did a bit of car shopping. I can't believe we are considering a BMW, haha as we are currently team Audi.

We had dinner at a local Korean restaurant with Dopey and his girlfriend, and Mr Happy and his wife again. With Little Bambi around now, we no longer head to bars for drinks but instead we visit gelato places (sad isn't it?). We drove to Gelato Messina for some gelato goodness. The queue was incredibly long, but we joined the crowd. Little Bambi was happily dancing to the soft lounge music there and prancing away, even though it was clearly past her bed time.

 photo CD9DCEC8_zps85f5df34.jpg
Little Bambi with Mr Happy and her favourite uncle, Dopey at Gelato Messina in Fitzroy
This morning we woke up to no power in the house. No hot water as well! We upgraded our hot water system recently, and it only works with electricity. But that did not dampen our weekend at all. Finally power was restored at 9.40am, and we made a mad dash to church for the 10am service. We caught up with my cousin and her fiancĂ©, and we had a yummy souvlaki lunch after. Then it was nap time again for Little Bambi and her parents. Geez.. (lazy). Then park time, and to end the weekend, Grumpy cooked us all a delicious hearty meal for dinner - Mee Hun Kueh (my all-time favourite after the Nasi Lemak). Did I mention that he uses the KitchenAid mixer for the dough? 

Good night and feeling so blessed for such an awesome weekend.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Happy Australia Day

 photo IMG_3352_zps9959d09b.jpg

Happy Australia Day and Happy New Year! Four weeks late… but better late than never!

I must say that this blog is not getting the level of care and attention it deserves. I have been very occupied with TV shows lately. After Breaking Bad, I got hooked on to Girls by Lena Dunham. This TV show is brilliant! I LOVE IT! Grumpy avoids watching Girls because he says he can't stand watching all the sex scenes but thats okay because I enjoy watching it alone! And then, there is Downton Abbey. So how many books have I read in the past couple of months? NONE! How many posts have I posted up on the blog? NONE!

But here is a quick summary of Christmas and New Years….

Work was winding down before the end of last year, which was good because that gave me more time to spend with Little Bambi … and all the Christmas activities that came with an 18 month old - Santa photos, child care parties, dressing her up etc.

This Christmas was a lot more meaningful with Little Bambi compared to the previous year, only because she is a bit older and she enjoys it all! She really does! She is truly a bundle of joy and I really am so blessed to have such a gorgeous little girl in my life.

My out-laws came over to visit before Christmas and they are staying for an extended period of time (yes, they are still here!). I must say, having our families stay for so long is a challenging time for both Grumpy and myself. We have to cater to both our needs and theirs, making sure we have the right balance - important virtues to keep in mind - respect, tolerance and patience. One more week Jules, one more week. Hang in there!

In between Christmas and New Years, we did a short family getaway to this far far away place called Loch Sport. We were given a holiday house to stay, thanks to the generosity of Grumpy's client.

And for this week our focus will be on Chinese New Year.. I hear the Year of the Horse will be much better than the Snake. Good things to look forward to!